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Integrated control system

TM-ETC-AMS (TM-Enhanced Touch Control and Alarm Monitoring System)

General description

TM-ETC-AMS is an integrated control and monitoring system designed especially for the operating room environment. The system is used to create a uniform user interface based on a touch screen for the building automation system (air conditioning control) and lighting control. In addition, the system contains a multifunctional alarm center for the control of the gas alarms and insulation level monitoring devices. It is also possible to connect to the system other auxiliary functions such as clock and different timers.

The aim of the system is to aggregate the user interfaces of the different systems and devices into one entity that is clear from the user's point of view. At the same time, it is possible to stop using electromechanical devices and create a user interface that meets the high aseptic and hygienic requirements set by the operating theatre environment. When TM-ETC-AMS is connected as part of the TM-INT control board system especially designed for the operating room environment and manufactured by Telemerkki Oy, an entity is created, where the same operational philosophy aimed at durability, user-friendliness and easy maintenance is followed in all the details of the product.

System structure / features

The main parts of the TM-ETC-AMS system are the 15”...19” TFT touch panel, the HMI application control unit, and the TM-EFDC I/O control unit. The LON® gateway for the connection of the I/O control unit to the building automation system and the DALI interface unit are available as accessories when the illumination control is realized by means of the HELVAR DigiDim® system. The I/O amount can be increased simply by equipping the system with several TM-EFDC I/O control units.

Operation panel

The touch screen is available as 15, 17, and 19-inch TFT screen panels. In the visual and clear user interface, the data related to each controlled system are assembled into their own entities. As many as four different language versions can be used at the same time in the user interface.
The panel is mechanically watertight from the front and withstands well cleaning with disinfectants. On the other hand, the smooth surface significantly reduces the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

HMI application control unit

Embedded x86-based control unit designed for demanding conditions and realized without fans and other movable parts. The software is realized on the basis of an object-oriented, modular and configurable control and monitoring application developed by Telemerkki Oy.

I/O control unit TM-EFDC

In addition to digital and analogue inputs and outputs, the I/O control unit based on a 32-bit microprocessor and equipped with multifunctional characteristics also includes a three-channel UART serial interface unit, a CAN bus driver and a LAN interface containing a built-in four-channel 10/100 ETHERNET-switch.


  • Various power supplies for other rated voltages than the 24 V voltage used by the system.
  • LON® gateway for the connection of the air conditioning control to the building automation system.
  • DALI interface unit when the panel can be connected as integral part to the HELVAR DigiDim® illumination control system.
  • Software-implemented operational options.
  • Implementation services.

System advantages

  • One system-independent and easy to learn (from the user's point of view) user interface to control and monitor the conditions of the operating theatre. The multilingualism of the user interface supports various user groups.
  • Clear user interface which, thanks to the backlight, is easy to use also in the dark.
  • Easily expandable system.
  • It reduces the space requirement of the control board compared to system-specific user interfaces.
  • Tight, hygienic and manageable structure.


Please, for more detailed information download the TM-ETC-AMS datasheet below:

Download TM-ETC-AMS Datasheet (680 kb) »