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We look further,
we are the new generation of electricity.


Our mission, together with our customers, is to build advanced work and living environments. Even today, hundreds of thousands of people in production plants, commercial properties, at sea, and in cities and homes can trust that they will safely and securely get the electricity they need thanks to our products. It’s a matter of pride for us working at POK.

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Electricity distribution solutions for real estate and residential properties. We specialize in customer-oriented power distribution solutions for all types of properties. Our home electrification products are designed for easy installation and can be found in our wide range of standard and custom-tailored designs.

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We guarantee a safe contact with electricity in the most critical environment for people. Our products and services include several solutions for improving the safety and usability of medical care applications. We manufacture integrated operating room control, gas alarm and isolation control systems as well as other electricity distribution systems all from patient care to main supply.

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Operational reliability keeps the industry's wheels running. Our high-quality product and service solutions are the result of our unique operating concept, including not only low and medium voltage distribution, but automation and logic solutions, engine output, machine and equipment centers, and integrated control panels.

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We offer versatile and high-quality solutions for safe and trouble-free distribution of electricity, tailored to customers' individual needs. We ensure ready-to-install solutions in the right place at the right time so that our customers can focus on their core competencies.

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Extreme products for extreme conditions. The most important task of the control board and console applications we deliver is to ensure safe and controlled navigation. We also manufacture other on-board power distribution systems such as propulsion automation, machine control, engine, lighting and control switchboards.

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