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Operating Room Panel



Operating Room Panels are manufactured according the project and control specifications of the operating room.

Control Panel system includes customized enclosure, equipment and electrical installation and an integrated control system TM-ETC-AMS with 17-19” touch screen. The enclosure is out of stainless steel, cold rolled steel and powder painting as an option.

The customized stainless steel structure is designed either for surface or flush mounting depending on application

Integrated control system TM-ETC-AMS includes the control functions for illumination, temperature, humidity and air conditioning, operation time, USB music application and different alarms.

Equipment and electrical installation includes e.g. socket-outlets for appliances, an interphone, operation lamp control, a CD and radio player, operating switches and compartmented group switchgears.

Operating Room Panels are certified by SGS Fimko.


Standard solution

Alternative solutions / further information

Installation method flush surface, to the floor
IP-class IP-30 covers and hatches equipped with gaskets
Case material stainless steel painted steel
Cover material stainless steel painted steel, aluminium
Locking latch screw, ball latch, serial lock
Colour vertically brushed stainless steel white, grey, black, architect colours
Markings back-engraved plates tape fixing, colours according to Standard 4372
Wires connected to the terminal block according to SFS 6000-7-710
Fittings Integrated control system

other fittings according to the functions, for example: clocks, RTG cabinet, telephones, socket-outlets, IT network group switchgear, residual-current device

Type designations TM-OK-INT
Dimensions (width, height, depth) freely selectable


Standard solution

Alternative solutions / further information

Protective cover transparent painted steel
Footing upper and lower on-state
Markings / diagrams coloured permanent membrane serigraphy, engraving