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Engine room consoles

ECR Consoles

ECR Console production is based on our innovative mechanical console construction which is divided into three (3) separate modules; Equipment and interface-, Keyboard- and Display module. These modules gives us the flexibility to follow the main dimensions of the ECR and at the same time it gives also the opportunity to make a customized outlook according the Customer visions or even to Customer branding without forgetting the Class specifications and ergonomic aspects.

Our Console construction is approved with vibration IEC 60945, from 2 Hz to 100 Hz, +/- 1mm/7 m/s2 and IP Class IP22 up to IP44. We are following the standards SFS-EN 60439-1 (2005) + A1 (2005) and SFS-EN 60439-3 (1993) + A1 (1994) and our functions are certified according ISO9001:2008 by SGS Fimko Oy.