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Navy bridge consoles

Navy Bridge Console production is based on our innovative mechanical console construction which is divided into three (3) separate modules, Equipment and interface-, Keyboard- and Display module. These modules gives us the flexibility to follow the main dimensions of the Wheelhouse and Bridge Consoles and at the same time it gives the opportunity to meet special requirements for the Navy Bridge Console applications but still not forgetting the Class specifications and ergonomic aspects.

Our Console construction is approved with Shock 15g/EN 60068-2-27, vibration IEC 60945, from 2 Hz to 100 Hz, +/- 1mm/7 m/s2 and IP Class IP22 up to IP44. We are following the standards SFS-EN 60439-1 (2005) + A1 (2005) and SFS-EN 60439-3 (1993) + A1 (1994) and our functions are certified according ISO9001:2008 by SGS Fimko Oy.