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We look further,
we are the new generation of electricity.

empty Our mission, together with our customers, is to build advanced work and living environments.

Even today, hundreds of thousands of people in production plants, commercial properties, at sea, and in cities and homes can trust that they will get the electricity they need safely and securely thanks to our products. It is the subject of pride, for us working at POK.

We are the new generation of electricity.

Although our long experience of the most challenging projects has helped us to achieve a strong position, we ask ourselves every day what we could do better.

The top quality of our products is our standard – quality is a given for us, that's why we look further.

We have digitized our order and production environment so that our services are the best in our field and our products are always in the right place at the right time. Our product line has been developed to meet the requirements of our various applications. That's why our products are modularized smartly, have enough space, and are carefree and safe for both installer and end user.

Best service, best solution

It’s all about attitude. POK is Finland's best supplier of electricity distribution systems. We offer centralized comprehensive product solutions for demanding needs. All of our products are certified and standardized. Our customers are pioneers in a variety of fields: construction, energy and industry – on land and at sea. We always want to be the number one supplier for our customers' power distribution systems.

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